Kealmeca offers a complete range of GPPS, HIPS and EPS. Kealmeca is the agent for the specialty EPS used for cup production – Supplier is Synthos in The Netherlands.

Engineering Plastics

Strong, high quality suppliers means Kealmeca is well placed for significant growth in this product area. Products available to the company include ABS/PC, ASA, nylons, SAN, polycarbonate, PMMA and others.

Plastics for the Automotive Industry

Kealmeca is spearheading the South African efforts of the ambitious plans for LG Chem to develop a significant presence in the supply of products for the Automotive Industry.

Thermoplastic Urethanes

Kealmeca supplies product from Wanhua Chemical Group in China, now the world’s biggest TPU producer.

Polyols and TDI

Kealmeca has excellent supplier relationships for sourcing polyols (mainly for flexible applications) and TDI. (This business is done on a basis in FCLs).

Adipic Acid

Kealmeca looks after the interests of the Huafon Group from China in the South African market.


Kealmeca offers high quality ABS from LG Chem in Korea.

Secondary Plasticiser

Kealmeca supplies Plastipox for Unipox in Argentina.


Kealmeca is supplied by Wanhua in China.


Selectively, Kealmeca has positions in:

  • LDPE
  • PP copolymers
  • Certain fillers
  • PVC
  • PET

In general these are niches for particular customers.


Please contact us by filling out this form or alternatively contact us on 011 463 4801 or kealmeca@kealmeca.co.za